Tax Area

Tax Services and Consulting in Ibiza
  • Complete, timely and professional assessment from their tax obligations, in particular on:
    • Personal income tax.
    • Objective estimation of coefficients and modules (natural persons).
    • Direct estimation.
    • Corporate tax.
    • Value added tax.
    • Withholding tax, payments on account and any fulfillment tax returns.
    • Proceedings with the Tax Authorities.
  • Strategic and continued planning of its taxsituation, including:
    • Tax closure planning.
    • Estate tax planning and family business succession tax.
    • Assessment on trading operations with tax implications, particularly, in the sale of businesses.
    • Business reorganization and corporate planning group.
  • Representation before the Tax Authorities in any proceedings and Tax Inspection. Preparation of administrative appeals and claims.
  • Timely referral information on regulatory updates, resolutions and statements of interest.

Accounting Area

Accounting Services in Ibiza
  • We provide the customer with a global accounting consulting including:
    • Planning and implementation of accounting, regular and ongoing review of financial statements and the preparation of closures for evaluation and settlement in the tax area.
    • Preparation of Financial Statements, legalization and deposit in the Official Registry.
    • Legalization of accounting books.
    • Analysis on the accounting treatment applicable to business operations.

Legal Area

Legal Services in Ibiza
  • Legal planning is essential in every aspect that may arise during the life of a company. Our legal advisory service includes:
    • Constitution and legalization of companies, adaptation, transformation, acquisition and disposition of businesses, mergers, defaults, bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings.
    • Restructuring of commercial companies through purchases (merges and adquisitions), capital increases and reductions in coordinated, monitored and managed by our professional team.

Labor Area

Labor Services in Ibiza
  • RIUSECH ASESORES offers coverage to all existing labor law requirements in the workplace through an outsourced service offering the following services:
    • Query resolution and labor management companies in connection with the start and termination of labor relations meeting wage obligations, tax and social security derivatives.
    • Preparation of employment contracts, payroll and social insurance and labor costs reports.
    • Remuneration policies.
    • Layoffs and Job ERES.
    • Claims amounts.